WebInno27 Preview

Wow, I have been pretty lazy blog wise the past month. What was I thinking? Could it be the new job? The vacation? The general lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer? Check all of the above and you *might* have the answer. Now though none of those excuses are going to cut it. Just like Jimmy Cliff sang, “Good Times are Gone for Ever.” Sniff. But what the heck, there’s no reason for tears – summer was making me fat and lazy, like a tick engorged on the blood of some unsuspecting sap sleeping in the grass.

But enough about me! What’s really interesting (not that I’m saying I’m not) is what’s coming up at WebInno next week. Can you believe it’s number 27? That’s pretty incredible. It’s been going on for four or five years? I can’t recall but it’s been a while. Kudos to all involved for keeping the event relevant all this time. And what makes an event like this relevant? Why the companies of course! Let’s see whats on tap for Monday night!

Main Dishes:

Play140 – This is a Twitter game. Games are good. I don’t know if this is a good game but it seem like it might be fun. It certainly isn’t something that’s going to boost your productivity during the course of the day, that’s for sure! In this case tag is TAG and stands for The Acronym Game. Basically every six minutes a tweet goes forth with an acronym and you need to try to come up with a funny/clever meaning for it. Right now there aren’t very many people playing. There are only 72 followers and the result is that most of the game looks like this:

    Tweet 1 – Welcome to 4:30PM game of TAG! We tweet an acronym. You tweet a funny + creative phrase that follows the letters! Rules: http://go.p140.co
    Tweet 2 – Time for TAG! The category is GENERAL. You have four minutes to reply to this acronym: F.D.O.Q.
    Tweet 3 – D’oh! There weren’t enough players for the 4:30PM game. We’ll be back in 6 minutes with another game. Thanks for playing!

There, now wasn’t that fun? My guess is that there’s something more going on here than meets the eye. At least I hope so because if this is all there is there isn’t very much at all. Now one thing the company does have is Shawn Broderick. He’s done a couple of companies AND he’s into gaming so I do have faith there may be some good to come out of this. We’ll find out more on Monday.

I do want to say I’ve played a couple of rounds now and it is fun. Of course it means my Twitter stream is filled with random nonsense but then so is my life.

Turning Art – We’ve all gotten used to subscription based content services. We all love Netflix. Turning Art is teaching the subscription content model a new trick by replacing music or movies with genuine wall-mountable art. Starting at $9.99 per month Turning Art wil ship you a new piece every three months. (You can increase the frequency of exchange for more money – $19.99 gets you something new every month.)

It’s a fairly simple and cool idea. Like Netflix you get to build your queue from their collection. They will ship you a print of the work and then you send it back. You’re also able to bye the original of the work – but that’s not for the faint of heart with many costing multiple thousands of dollars.

Still, if you’re looking for a way to get more art into your life you could choose worse ways to go about doing it.

Aisle Buyer – Ah the Holy Grail of retail! Shopping without shopkeepers. No lines, no cashiers, nothing but you and the object of your desire. A few gestures with your smart phone and you’re the owner of whatever it is you want. Not only that but you can read and write product reviews right there in the aisle. Tell me that isn’t cool?

There don’t seem to be a *ton* of places to shop just yet but that’s OK. This seems like a solid and legit idea. I hope it catches on because I’d love to shop this way.

Side Dishes:

Discov.ir– Not the credit card that pays you back but a tool for receiving filtered information on topics of interest. Using your existing social channels discov.ir allows you to apply rules and then delivers a stream of data as it becomes available. Cool I guess but I’m not sure if I need it. The interwebs seem like they do a very good job of sending the information I want already.

HuddleHub – Have more fantasy sports teams than you can shake a stick at? Yeah, me neither. But some people do – and for those people there’s HuddleHub. It allows you to manage you fantasy teams from a single application. Not a bad idea but just not one for me. Punt.

Webvia – A Performance Inbound Marketing Platform (PIMP). Look, I like acronyms as much as the next guy but come on. Do we really need to pimp our Websites? And another thing – the site is AS CONFUSING AS HELL. We have PIMP we have Design, Build, Optimize, Repeat. We have the fat lady singing. It *says* the site is for Web professionals but I don’t get that vibe.

Custom Made – Billed as a source for artisans this site is designed to connect you with sources of custom and hand made items. Finding people to do custom work is a pain. The items on this site – and the people behind them – seem very cool. I want to check this out on Monday.

Brass Monkey – Use your iPhone as a controller for games on shared screens. Don’t let it sound confusing, that’s my fault. It’s cool – or at least it might be. It’s hard to say if it matters but what the hell, it seems worth trying.

Athleague – Not being an athlete or an intramural administrator I can’t attest to the troubles of organizing leagues or events but having attempted to organize smaller less complex things I can imagine it is a real pain in the butt. It would be cool if their engine could do more than sports (and maybe it does). I’ll have to ask about that.

Zazu – I have no idea what this is. When I tried to go to the site I got a bad gateway. Oh well, back to the drawing board guys . . .

Episend – Aside from the fact that this sounds like a hair removal product it is very very cool. Sending large files is a pain in the butt. Just the other day I had to get a video to a client and getting them to my FTP site was more trouble than it should have been. If I could just tweet a link – without requiring them to be a member of anything – it would be awesome.