Face of the Day – 9.3

Today’s face is a woman with a split tongue.


This is from June of 2009. I was at a bar photographing strangers and asked this woman if I could take her picture. What I’d noticed when I approached her was her hair, which was a bright fun orange. She said “sure”, smiled and stuck out her tongue. The split was surprising, as was her ability to move both ends independently.

For a long time this was one of my most frequently viewed faces (it’s tailed off now, dropping from the top 10 and sitting at number 30). I’m sure there are occasions when a split tongue could be useful but I can think of a lot more when it would be a real pain in the butt.

What I like about this picture is the expression on her face and the color of her hair.

Face of the Day – 8.28

Today’s face is a woman with wonderfully kinky hair.

Face - fun woman with kinky red hair

In April of 2012 my sister-in-law Sid wanted to go out for dinner and dancing on her birthday. I’m a big fan of both. A group of us – Sid and Steve, James and Chesley, Bill, Matt, Wendy and I – went out to the Fenway. I’m sure I could look back and find the name of the place we had dinner. It’s right there on Boylston. The food and drink were good.

After dinner we walked up a couple of blocks and went to a club downstairs. Again, the name escapes me but it wasn’t far. It turned out there was a fundraiser/memorial party that night. It was open to all though and there was a good crowd. It was a pretty gay crowd and a lot of fun. I danced for ages. Not everyone in our group was as into as I was but such is life.

During breaks from dancing I took the opportunity to talk with strangers and take some pictures. I don’t recall much of my conversation with this woman. Of course I asked if I could take her photograph and then we talked about how awesome her hair and necklace were and about what I was doing with the pictures. Pretty mundane stuff.

Anyway, I really liked her face, her hair, her necklace, her smile and her attitude and hope you will too.

Face of the Day – 8.26

For the last two weeks I’ve been off on vacation and it was great. But summer is fast ending and it’s time again for things to return to their normal course. Part of that is the return of the Face of the Day.

Today’s face is of a backup singer for Stephen Marley, taken at the House of Blues in Boston two years ago.

Face - woman singing

Wendy has always been a big reggae fan and we go to shows when we can (which is less often than we’d like). In 2011 we went to this show at the HOB. It was a lot of fun. What I like about this picture is the color. The purple and orange on her face and the halo of her hair looked so good.

Face of the Day – 8.8

Today’s face is a woman at a bar on New Year’s Eve.


For a long time I relied on a flash to photograph faces. Part of it was just what I was used to, and part of it was that I didn’t have any lenses fast enough to work well in low light situations. This night, New Year’s Eve 2010, I was out late with my friend Matt. Matt is pretty into gear. For a while he was getting camera equipment but his first love is sound stuff.

He had a 30mm 1.4 lens with him and I borrowed it for a while. I was talking to this woman and asked if I could get her picture. She had a cool pixieish look and said “yes”. I really like the colors in this one, how vibrant they are but not super bright.

A funny note, or at least a coincidental one, is that I bumped into her again a few months later. It was at the Somerville Theater when Wendy and I were there to see Jonathan Richman. That’s one thing I’ve found about the 1000faces project – there are often strange connections between the people I photograph and the photographs themselves. It’s cool.

Face of the Day – 8.5

Today’s face is a jeweler in New Hope Pennsylvania.


A few years ago I was visiting my parents and my dad gave me a watch of his that I remembered from when I was a boy. This wasn’t some fine heirloom timepiece, just a run-of-the-mill Timex from the early 70s I guess. And to be honest, it wasn’t the watch that was special as much as it was the band. Leather, almost two inches wide, it was emblematic of its time.

Try as I might to get it running, the watch wouldn’t work. So one morning when we were in New Hope to have some breakfast, run some errands and look around I brought it in to have it looked at. This was the person who looked at it. When we came back later that day she gave me the bad news – the watch would need a fair amount of work.

Since the watch wasn’t what made it cool I replaced it with a newer run-of-the-mill Timex. I wear it from time-to-time and always get compliments. It’s a cool watch.

Face of the Day – 8.1

Today’s face is a magician’s assistant.

Faces 258

At least that’s what I was told. This picture was taken in Beverly five years ago. At the time I was with Weber Shandwick and we were doing some work with GM. The program was intended to introduce people to GM cars in unexpected venues. We had a fleet of cars – a little Saturn convertible, a hybrid Suburban, a really fun Cadillac, a Buick – I can’t remember them all now and would take them to different events in eastern Massachusetts.

We went to the Bolton Fair, Newbury Street, the big milk bottle by the Children’s Museum, a BC football game, all over. It was a lot of fun and people seemed to enjoy checking out the cars. One of the events was a Lobster Festival in Beverly. It was a raw and rainy day. We had two cars with us – a Saturn and a Suburban – and set them up as best we could at the edge of a muddy field.

I don’t recall if the magician was with us or just happened to be nearby. In either case, he was a friendly fellow whose act (at least what I remember of it) was mostly making balloon animals. This woman was with him and was doing face painting.

Because the weather was lousy and the crowds thin, we all ended up talking – the Weber team and the magician and his assistant. It turned out that she was either a relative or a friend of a relative and had come from Russia. Her role and her relationship with the magician was kind of unclear. She was friendly though, and pretty, and her pink hat was a bit of bright color on a drab midsummer day.

Face of the Day – 7.30

This is one of the first faces I photographed with 1000faces in the back of my mind.

Faces 17

In February of 2008 I was in Austin on business. While I was there a few of us went out to have fun. We were all in a bar and a group of strangers came over and asked if I’d take their picture. I told them they probably wouldn’t ever see it but they didn’t care, they just wanted to have their picture taken. It was the first time I’d photographed strangers and it was fun.

Later that night on the street I took a few more pictures and then more at another bar. Not a lot, just a couple. When I got back to Boston I was at a local bar with my friend Matt. I was telling him about the fun I’d had photographing strangers in Texas and (I think) about my plan to continue. There were two women sitting next to us at the bar and eventually I asked if I could take their pictures. Both said “yes” and the woman above – Mel – was the first.

A whole lot of things were happening that night that I didn’t realize but which would have a big influence on the next couple of years. First, it was a Wednesday night, which was a night this bar had a band (at the time just a guy – Scott – playing guitar) and anyone who wanted to could get up and sing. Second, Mel and several of the others there that night were regulars and once I started showing up week after week I became one too. Third, I photographed at least 1000 people there over the next few years. In most cases they were, and remain, strangers; but in a few cases they became friends.

There was a lot of good that resulted from taking Mel’s picture more than six years ago now. I also saw some things that weren’t so good as well: poor choices, petty crimes, little dramas. All-in-all though the few years I was a regular there on Wednesday night’s were a lot of fun and I miss those times.

Face of the Day – 7.24

Today’s Face of the Day is a woman with some pretty remarkable eyebrows near Fenway Park.

Faces 317

Almost five years ago I organized a geocaching event as a summertime activity for the Social Media Club here in Boston. A few days before the event my colleague Sheila and I went from Kenmore, around the Back Bay and through the Fens to Boston Beer Works. Along the way we stopped to note the lat/long and hide the lat/long for the next point on the route. It took a while because we had to do more than one route (and we stopped for drinks here and there as well).

The event was a weekday evening in August. People met at the Lief Erikson statue in Kenmore. There were probably 15 people and I can’t remember if we broke into two groups or three. In any case, we set off and all had a pretty good time.

Eventually everyone made it to the Beer Works and recounted where they’d been, what they’d seen, etc. After a time a few of us decided to move on and head to Wally’s over on Mass Ave. Just as we were leaving the Beer Works this woman was walking in. She had such a fun look and style I stopped her to ask for her picture. She was happy to oblige.

Face of the Day: 7.22

Today’s face is a woman on the street in Montreal.

Face - a woman with red lips and a red headband.

On Friday I wrote about looking forward to vacation with my family and it will be a lot of fun. But Wendy and I will also go away for a week.

In 2011 we went to Montreal where we met up with some friends and had a great time. One of the things I noticed about the city was that people seemed take more care in their appearance than they do around Boston. This is probably a gross overgeneralization but I think it’s true.

I assume this woman was a student for some reason. We didn’t talk more than for me to introduce myself, ask if I could take her picture and explain my project. Obviously she agreed. I really like how pale her face is, topped with her dark bangs. The red of her lips and headband, along with the smirky smile, make this one of my favorites.

Face of the Day: 7.18

Today’s face is Zee Avi, one of my favorite musicians.


I was driving to work a few years ago, 2009 I guess, just sitting in traffic on the Mass Pike waiting to go through the Weston tolls. I was listening to WZBC, Boston College’s really great station when I heard this incredibly clear and beautiful voice. It was Zee Ave singing “Is this the end.”

As soon as I got to the office I bought the album on iTunes and listen to it over and over. A few months later she was opening for someone at the House of Blues her in Boston and Wendy and I went. The crowd was small but enthusiastic and the music was fantastic.

I’ve seen her play a few more times and will again. Today’s picture was taken outside Great Scott last summer. Here’s a playlist of a few of her songs. You should go buy her music and see her play if you can. You’ll be glad you did.