Reading My Antonia

I just finished reading My Antonia. What a beautiful book. When I finished it and reread the back cover, I wonder if whomever wrote the back cover description had rad the same book as I had:

“Antonia Shimerda returns to Black Hawk, Nebraska, to make a fresh start after eloping with a railway conductor [this happens in the last 50 pages of the book] following the tragic death of her father [which happened when Antonia was perhaps 14, a decade before her failed elopement and more than 100 pages earlier]. Accustomed to living in a sod house and toiling along aside the med in the fields [she actually becomes a hired girl in Black Hawk as a young teenager] she is unprepared for the lecherous reaction her lush sensuality provokes when she moves to the city [huh? There is no lecherous reaction and nothing in her behavior during her failed near marriage can be called “lush sensuality. And whatever reaction does occur takes place back in Black Hawk, not the city at all.]. Despite betrayal and crushing opposition, Antonia steadfastly pursues her quest for happiness – a moving struggle that mirrors the quiet drama of the American landscape.”

This doesn’t accurately describe the story at all. Better might have been to say that the book presents the warm recollections of youth and life of a young man as reflected in his relationship with Antonia – a young Bohemian girl whose life and his touch and twine over the decades.

It’s certainly a great book but come on, a little better job by the publisher would be helpful.