Daily Dozen – Women and Water

A random idea today. Photographs of woman with water nearby. In some cases standing in front of a river, in others on a boat, in more with a water bottle at hand. I can’t say what led to this set but such is life. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the images.

Face - C. Lee Harrington at #FoE5
Faces 152
Face - smiling woman with a necklace
Face - Patricia Zimmermann at #FoE5
Face - smiling woman with long hair by the Charles River
Face - a woman in the sun on a boat
Face - smiling woman with pearls
Face - Erin McKeown (@erinmckeown) speaking at #FoE5
Face - smiling woman in purple
Face - smiling woman in a grey cardigan

I love how the river looks

In the morning, the wind ripples across the water
Crews creep between its green banks
Its blue is like the sky – but softer and closer

As the day wears on the water changes
Choppy and disorganized as more boats appear
Sailboats, duck boats, tour boats and kayaks

And then at night calm returns
The last breezes of the day gently brush its banks
And the river is left to reflect the quiet star-filled sky