Sometimes things are easier than you think!

I got an email from Ragan Communications today. The subject line was “Wish you had 2 million twitter followers?.”

“Want to build your brand on Twitter?

Let a brand with 2 million+ followers—
Google—show you how!”

The note then goes on to describe an upcoming webinar with a senior manager of communications at Google.

Save your time! I can help you with two SIMPLE STEPS to becoming a TWITTER SUPER STAR!!!!

Step One – Create one of the world’s most successful and well-known brands.
Step Two – Set up a Twitter account.

If you do each of these things (in the proper order) you will achieve great success even without this webinar.

If you are not able to quickly establish a powerful global brand you might not – even with this webinar – attain millions of followers on Twitter.


Twiku, twoetry, twoems?

Last week I think I started writing little poems on Twitter. I haven’t been sure what to call them. I was talking to my friend and colleague Tim Marklein and he suggested Twiku. I kind of like it. I don’t want to be constrained by the conventions of haiku but it sure sounds like an awesome term.

Here are the few I’ve done so far:

Fall into bed like a stone into water/Sink swiftly, settle softly/Coated like a rock with the dust of the day/Wait for the cleanse of sleep


Beauty is not/In the eye of the beholder/Beauty is in/The soul of the beheld


Sun through glass/Lulls my head heavy/I would sleep if I could/If I could I would/Dream someplace sunny/With pillows/But no glass


a late night/an early morning/a long train ride. sleep.

I’m sure there’s plenty of short poetry on Twitter already but a little more never hurts.

Twitter poems

I’ve been thinking about poetry on twitter for a while. The character limit is an interesting challenge. I posted my first twitter poem tonight:

Fall into bed like a stone into water
Sink swiftly, settle softly
Coated like a rock with the dust of the day
Wait for the cleanse of sleep

I like it and have a few others I am working on. I will have to post them as I can.