Face of the Day – 8.5

Today’s face is a jeweler in New Hope Pennsylvania.


A few years ago I was visiting my parents and my dad gave me a watch of his that I remembered from when I was a boy. This wasn’t some fine heirloom timepiece, just a run-of-the-mill Timex from the early 70s I guess. And to be honest, it wasn’t the watch that was special as much as it was the band. Leather, almost two inches wide, it was emblematic of its time.

Try as I might to get it running, the watch wouldn’t work. So one morning when we were in New Hope to have some breakfast, run some errands and look around I brought it in to have it looked at. This was the person who looked at it. When we came back later that day she gave me the bad news – the watch would need a fair amount of work.

Since the watch wasn’t what made it cool I replaced it with a newer run-of-the-mill Timex. I wear it from time-to-time and always get compliments. It’s a cool watch.