Moving Nursery

Sing us a song to sleep
With the soft sweet sound
Of wheel on rail

Hum us your wonderful white noise
Heat in the winter; AC in the summer
Keep us warm or cool and comfortable

Let us rest on your welcoming red lap
Broad and comfortable and cozy even
Relaxing and drifting us off

Rock us gently to sleep
Sway like a mother with a babe on her hip
Until our eyes all flutter shut

Ride through towns and cities
Roll along roads and rivers
Take us gently into the land of dreams

Classic T Moment

Yesterday I was racing down the stairs at South Station against the flow of exiting Red Line passengers. I ran across the the then empty platform only to have the door literally close in my face.

The driver, as blank and impassive as a fish, watched me pull up short as she closed the doors. The train sat for several seconds more. She just stared at me – with no acknowledgment whatsoever – as the train pulled away.

Way to go MBTA, your drivers are really awesome!