Fresh Faces 27 – People in Hats

Is there a season when hats don’t make sense? In the winter they keep your head warm, in the spring dry, in the summer they keep the sun out of your eyes and in the fall . . . well, in the fall they just look good. Here are a dozen people wearing hats for you to enjoy.

Faces 5
This is Tara. We worked together at Weber Shandwick. One year for our summer outing we went on a harbor cruise. It was a lovely sunny day. Tara went for double strength sun protection for her eyes with a pair of sunglasses and this big broad-brimmed hat.

I often come up with some pretty silly ideas. One day I was walking from the subway to work and it started to rain. I wished I’d had a hat and thought that making one out of newspaper – while certain to get soggy – might suffice. When I got to work I set about making a paper hat. My colleague Sheila was bitten by the haberdashery bug too and crafted this stunning piece.

Faces 258
For a time GM was one of my clients. We were doing events all around New England to show people a range of GM cars in unexpected places. One was a festival in Beverly. The day was dreary and gray. We’d hired a magician to come to entertain the kids. This woman was the magician’s friend/assistant. Her hat is pink felt and very fetching.

Faces 442
Here in New England, Red Sox head ware is de rigeuer. Of course there’s the ubiquitous “B” hat but Ishi opted for the more pride-inspired 2007 World Series Champions model. I myself and the proud owner of the 2004 version of this hat and hope that there will be more and newer ones to choose from in my lifetime.

Faces 676
Out in Harvard Square one night I spotted this fellow walking down the street. It was a chilly January night and he was in an overcoat and this fancy hat. It’s a style you don’t see too often.

Faces 737
There are utilitarian uses for a hat, and fashion purposes as well – but in this picture the hat is functioning as a prop or a costume. This is the lead singer from the Hixx. They present themselves as something out of Deliverance. The fact is Metro Boston has a pretty low redneck count so it’s more of an act (and maybe a lifestyle) than a fact of life.

Faces 863
There are some things that are easier to explain than others. This isn’t one of them.

This is Jim. I worked for Jim back in the mid-80s at Mississippi’s in Kenmore Square. A few years ago Jim was over at our house for a visit and I snapped this shot of him in a nice red beret. He’s been a beret fan for a long time. They’re good hats that are too often overlooked.

The tricorn has been a New England favorite for centuries. It’s true that you don’t see them around as much as you might have in 1776 but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone out of style! You’re most likely to see them in Lexington or Concord on April 19th – or at a Patriot’s home game.

The cowboy hat. Certainly a popular hat in many places. It’s one you don’t see as often around Boston or New Enland in general. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the absence of cows here in the city.

Most hats are just hats. Bits of cloth that sit on your head. There are hats though that are endowed with special powers. These are magical hats. They can take many forms. The most recognizable, of course, is the magician’s top hat; but there are others. This is a hat from Nepal. It is magic.

Faces 494
Here’s a great example of a hat being used for warmth. It was taken on a chilly October night outside a BC football game. Even though it was still only fall the air was really crisp and damp and so everyone was feeling cold. Except this woman who was bundled up.

Well there are a dozen pictures for you; and 12 little stories about the hats in each of them. I can tell you from looking at all my photos that men wear hats more than women and that baseball-style hats are the most popular. Until tomorrow . . .