Daily Dozen – Not Exactly Hats

The set of hats was fun but while I was putting it together I came across a handful of photos of people wearing other things on their heads or in their hair. Some of these things were hard to pass up when I did that set so I’ve decided to share them today. Headbands, flowers, feathers, etc. – all of them manage to find their ways onto people’s heads. See what you think.

Here’s Kate wearing a shawl of some sort. And looking beatific.

Just a headband – not that exciting but it still counts.

This pillow might have been comfortable but I can’t imagine it would stay in place very well.

A faux floral headband as part of a Hawaiian Halloween costume.

This is a barrette (I think) but it’s big enough to warrant inclusion.

Glasses are always a popular head topper.

Faces 823
Is a hood a hat?

Faces 796
A bandana?

Faces 741
Snow is only temporary but it’s still on his head.

Face - a woman with red lips and a red headband.
This seems more like a kerchief to me.

A classic napkin noggin cover.

A profusion of purple feathers.

There you have it. Fancy! Hope you liked them.