Face of the Day – 7.31

Today’s face is Jonathan Richman.

Jonathan Richman

Wendy and I went and saw Jonathan Richman play at the Somerville Theater in 2011. It was a good show and a lot of fun. We live in Natick now, which is his home town. I can’t recall when I first heard his music but I suspect is was in 1985 when I worked at Mississippi’s restaurant in Kenmore Square. Everyone brought in tapes to play during their shifts and it was always a wildly eclectic mix.

Over the course of any night you’d be likely to hear the Meat Puppets, Frank Sinatra, Yellowman, Hank Williams, the Butthole Surfers, Johnny Cash, etc. The experience definitely broadened my taste in music.

Jonathan Richman’s music has always felt very playful to me. Sure there are some serious and thoughtful songs but most of them are just catchy, silly and fun. When we saw him play it was a pretty simple sound, just him on guitar and a drummer. Simple but awesome. And on the subject of awesome, Roadrunner is being considered as the official rock song of Massachusetts. It’s up again Dream On but come on, how could you not go with the Modern Lovers?

For your listening pleasure, here are a couple of songs by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. Check ’em out.


Daily Dozen – Men with Musical Instruments

It’s a really rainy day here in New York and I’ve been super busy. Lots of walking in the rain. I don’t mind until I sit down somewhere and realize how wet and tired I am. That’s where I’m at now. Wet and tired. I’m having a warm bowl of squash soup though and that’s helping.

But you don’t care about all of that, you want some photos and I have them. I was looking at photos this morning wondering what set to do. What I’ve gone with is men with musical instruments. At first I was thinking about men with any kind of object in their hands but that got too hard given my time constraints. Instruments proved to be way easier and I’m all about the easy!

With the warmth spreading through me, it’s time to post!

Stephen Marley Plays Guitar
Jonathan Richman
Ray Neades Tribute
Tunes Playing Sax
Big Green Eight-String Bass
Matt Searles plays guitar
GregPC (that's me) plays fiddle
Ray Neades Tribute

Daily Dozen – Men with Sticks in Their Hands

Taking pictures of bands is a lot of fun. I love getting right up in front where it’s the loudest and shooting. Whenever I go back and look at my shots though I notice how rare it is to get drummers. They’re at the back of the stage and usually hidden behind their stuff. Today I decided to focus on drummers. I don’t have a ton of shots but I do have a dozen and here they are. Enjoy.

Zee Avi at Great Scott

Beats Antique
Beats Antique
Beats Antique
Jonathan Richman
Tabby's Fundraiser
Tabby's Fundraiser
@ the Chicken Bone
I.A.P.O.A. Pipe & Drums

Daily Dozen – Musicians

Today is a dreary and snowy day here in the Boston area. Driving to work I was thinking what would brighten things up an decided music would be just the ticket. I love music and go out to see performances as often as I can at my advanced age. My wife and I are fortunate to have her sister close by and wonderfully willing to keep an eye on the kids. It means we get to go out more than a lot of people we know.

That’s probably too much information but what can I say? On to the topic at hand: music. Looking through the 1000faces there are a lot of photos of people singing and playing. Many of them are really good but most of them aren’t making their living with music. Today I’ve tried to keep it to people who do music full-time. As was the case yesterday, I’ve added links and info in case you’re interested. And now, it’s on with the show . . .

Jonathan Richman
Here’s Jonathan Richman. He’s a native son of my town Natick. I’ve listened to him for more than 20 years but it wasn’t until 2011 that I finally had a chance to see him play. It was wicked good.

Matisyahu Stage Dive
I was a little torn about adding this photo since you can’t really see Matisyahu’s face; but I really like the picture. He’s jumping into the crowd and his arms look almost like flapping wings.

Beats Antique - hair
I saw Beats Antique a few months ago and was blown away. Their performance was completely mesmerizing.

Stephen Marley sings
Here’s Stephen Marley. Wendy is crazy about reggae and this was a show she really wanted to see. It was totally fun.

Face - Joao Brasil (@joaobrasil) at #FoE5
This is Joao Brasil at MIT. He’s very fun and funny. He does Techno Brega. His song L.O.V.E. Banana is something.

Mighty Mystic
Here’s Mighty Mystic, from here in Boston. Excellent.

This is Nossan Zand out on the streets of Cambridge. I’ve seen him here and there. My pal Adam (Nossan’s brother) turned me on to him.

Sometimes I curse myself for not taking better notes. This is one of those times. This woman was really good. She opened for Mighty Mystic and was fun to watch and listen to. Of course I have no recollection of who she is . . .

Face - Erin McKeown (@erinmckeown) speaking at #FoE5
This is Erin McKeown. I didn’t see her perform but rather speak at MIT’s Futures of Entertainment conference. It was really interesting to hear from an artist who’s taking creative approaches not only to their music but also to how they relate to their fans.

Face - Filastine
Filastine opened for Beats Antique and was really good.

Creek River
This is the Creek River String Band. I play old timey music myself and one of the fellows I play with is brother to the accordion player so I went to see them a few months ago. (That’s pretty convoluted, isn’t it?) They were great and I had a good time taking photos. I photographed them a second time but am making really slow work of processing those photos. 😦

Face - Zee Avi
This is Zee Avi. She is fantastic. One of my most favorite musicians around. I’ve seen her three times and wish I could see her more.

Daily Dozen – Scott Damgaard

This is the third set dedicated to a single person but there will be more! The first was my darling wife Wendy, next came my pal Karyn and now it’s Scott Damgaard’s turn. I met Scott on March 12, 2008 – coming up on four years ago if you stretch it. He plays guitar, sings and hosts Boneoke at the Bone in Framingham. He plays all over Boston and is a great guy and a lot of fun.

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Scott Damgaard plays guitar

Scott Damgaard plays guitar


Scott Singing