Face of the Day

Forget the whole “random” thing. Why make things more difficult than they need to be? I mean it’s hard enough for me to do a daily post to begin with, no need to complicate things by imposing arbitrary rules on myself. It also means I can choose faces that I’d like to say something about, and today’s face fits that bill.


This is Jess Punk. At least that’s how I know her and it’s good enough for me. I first met Jess on Mass Ave in Cambridge – just outside the Middle East – in September 2010. Naturally I took her picture and we swapped email addresses so I could send her a link to her picture once it was posted.

We kept in touch in that stranger-you-met-and-friended-on-Facebook kind of way. Maybe a year later she came out to what was at the time my local. Then, almost exactly a year ago, Wendy and I were in Central Square, at the Middle East, to hear some ska (I’m pretty sure it was Bim Skala Bim and The Mighty Bosstones) and who should be there but Jess!

By my calculations we’re due for a serendipitous meeting again some time soon.