Random Face of the Day

I found my face earlier today but things are pretty busy and I wasn’t able to post. Even this is going to be a rush job I’m afraid. Today’s face is Jonathan Zittrain, one of the most awesomely original people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.


Jonathan is a professor of law at Harvard Law School and the Kennedy School or Government, a professor of computer science at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences AND the cofounder and director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. That’s a ton.

I’ve seen him speak at a couple of events at MIT (the photo above is from the Media in Transition 8 conference from May 2013) and at Harvard. He’s smart, entertaining, charismatic, irreverent and a bunch of other adjectives I don’t have time to include.

What this photograph doesn’t show (but perhaps hints at) is that he has a very animated face.

Daily Dozen – Men at MIT

Yesterday I did women at MIT and said I’d do men at some point and today’s the day. I’m doing it now because I know if I don’t I’ll forget. Hopefully this isn’t too much MIT for everyone!

Face @LeonBlank speaking at #foe5
Face - Jay Rosen
Faces 860
Faces 894
Face - Deb Roy
Face - Grant McCracken (@Grant27) kicking off the second day of #FoE5
Face - man speaking and pointing his fingers
Face - smiling man at MIT
Face - a man and his brain
Face - Jonathan Zittrain (@zittrain) at #FoE5