Hey Nick, What Are You Thinking?

My wife Wendy sent me an email earlier today about Nickelodeon and Addictinggames.com and how Nick was promoting inappropriate content to kids. Here’s the text of the email:

Did you know that Nickelodeon, the children’s media empire, is promoting sexualized and violent video games to children as young as preschoolers? Its popular gaming website, Addictinggames.com, features games such as Candy the Naughty Cheerleader, Bloody Day (“Back alley butchering has never been so much fun. . . . How many kills can you rack?”) and the Perry the Sneak series, where gamers take the role of a peeping Tom trying to catch revealing glimpses of scantily clad and naked women. Nickelodeon promotes, and links directly to, Addictinggames.com on its Nick.com website for children and even on its Nick Jr.com, its website for preschoolers.

Please visit Democracy in Action to tell Nickelodeon to stop promoting sexualized and violent videogames to children.

The content of some of the games on AddictingGames.com is truly shocking. Please demand that Nickelodeon stop directing children to a website which features games such as:

Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2: “Small, black, stick figure death can happen in so many different ways! Do you choose shotgun to the face, or acid in the lungs?”

Naughty Classroom – “Here’s your chance to fulfill your ultimate childhood fantasy. Naughty Classroom will leave you begging for more homework.”

Dark Cut 2 – “More macho surgery! No anesthetic. No antiseptics. Just rusty knives, corn whiskey, and lots of blood!”

Foxy Sniper – “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Fear me, because I am a crack shot! Assassination isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life.”

Please visit Democracy in Action to immediately stop promoting AddictingGames.com on its websites for children

Being skeptical I went to the Nick and Nick Jr. but found nothing approaching anything like what is described above. So I sent Wendy an email saying basically “Come on, there’s no links to anything like this, what a poor job of advocacy these guys are doing.”

But I thought I’d better double check myself – just in case I was missing something. Sure enough, at the bottom of the games page on both Nick and Nick Jr. there’s a section for Addicting Games:

If you click the link for “Flash Games” this is what you get:

Granted the number of click throughs from Nick Jr. is probably pretty low – but for better or worse plenty of parents probably park their kids in front of Nick Jr confident that if they aren’t getting an enriching experience they’re at least not going to be exposed to anything bad. But I think Santa stuffing a gun into a zombie’s mouth is probably not something most people would suggest for toddlers.

Now people who know me know that I am a pretty bad person, but even I realize that this is inappropriate. Come on Nick, WFT?