Daily Dozen – People with Earrings

So I’ve done Women with Hoop Earrings and People with Piercings but never people with just regular earrings. This meant that there were no guys with earrings and that was a recent request. Not that I do a set of guys with earrings but that I mix it up, men and women. Let me say that there are far fewer guys with earrings than I expected. It was pretty hard to find even the half dozen below. In part this is because I needed to a) see their ears and then b) check to see if said ears were pierced. It turns out that in most cases that isn’t the case. Now finding women with pierced ears is very easy. So easy, in fact, that I am planning on doing a future set on the “Unholey Alliance” – women without pierced ears. That’s for another day though.

Faces 937
Face - Francy at Play
faces 912
Face - woman with bright eyes and a beautiful smile
Faces 385
Face - woman with fun smile
Face - Nancy Baym (@nancybaym) at #FoE5
Face - smiling woman in front of letters
Face - @LSL713 - smiling woman after a #redsox game