Daily Dozen – A Few Favorite Female Faces #1

Most days I try to be totally objective with the Daily Dozen: women wearing red or men outdoors in the daylight or people singing. Today I had another totally objective set in mind. It was going to feature men wearing really worn hats. I couldn’t find 12 though so had to shelve the idea. While I was looking I decided to throw objectivity to the wind and select photographs to 12 women that I liked. I don’t know any of the women in these pictures, I decided that if they were of people I knew it might influence how I felt about them. I also decided to limit my pool to the first 1000faces. Frankly, the early photographs in the project aren’t that good in some respects. I love them but I was just getting started.

One of the things that always amazes me about this project is how often I misjudge what people will like. What I mean is this: Often I’ll take and process a photo and think to myself, “wow, this one is great, people are going to love it” but then when I post it will get very few views. Other times I’ll take a photo and not really give it much thought and it will turn out to be super popular. Today, you can see some of the photos that I like. I don’t know what I like about any of these pictures but I do. Maybe you will too.

Faces 966
Faces 981
faces 915
Faces 843
Faces 446
Faces 800
Faces 735
Faces 727
Faces 706
Faces 258
Faces 674
Faces 791