Face of the Day – 7.24

Today’s Face of the Day is a woman with some pretty remarkable eyebrows near Fenway Park.

Faces 317

Almost five years ago I organized a geocaching event as a summertime activity for the Social Media Club here in Boston. A few days before the event my colleague Sheila and I went from Kenmore, around the Back Bay and through the Fens to Boston Beer Works. Along the way we stopped to note the lat/long and hide the lat/long for the next point on the route. It took a while because we had to do more than one route (and we stopped for drinks here and there as well).

The event was a weekday evening in August. People met at the Lief Erikson statue in Kenmore. There were probably 15 people and I can’t remember if we broke into two groups or three. In any case, we set off and all had a pretty good time.

Eventually everyone made it to the Beer Works and recounted where they’d been, what they’d seen, etc. After a time a few of us decided to move on and head to Wally’s over on Mass Ave. Just as we were leaving the Beer Works this woman was walking in. She had such a fun look and style I stopped her to ask for her picture. She was happy to oblige.