Daily Dozen – Men I’ve Worked with Over the Years

The other day I did a set of women I worked with, today I decided to turn things around and look at some of the men I’ve worked with over the years. As I mentioned in the other set, my work has meant most of my colleagues have been men and my interest in photographing faces is a fairly new phenomenon so the pool of images available to me is limited. That said, I was easily able to find 12 photographs. As I think about it, I do have a history of photography faces that predates this project. Digging up and scanning some of those photos might be a project for some weekend this summer. In any case, here are 12 men I’ve worked with over the years.

working late 4
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Faces 907

Daily Dozen – Women I’ve Worked With

Two days without Daily Dozen sets. That’s not good. Yesterday I considered taking a hiatus but I like doing this too much to stop. What I need to do is prep sets so that when I am slammed I can still post. Some time I’ll try to do that. The thing is this is a pretty organic project. I like sitting down in the mornings to think about what I should include and so doing a batch at once feels unnatural.

When I started thinking about what to do today I was going to do men I’ve worked with; but then I realize that the last set was also of men and decided to go with women I’ve worked with. Being in PR means most of my colleagues over the years have been women so there were plenty of faces to choose from. I’ve been working for more than 20 years now but only photographing faces since 2008 so this is a pretty incomplete set. Of course even if I had taken one per year I’d have too many for a set so I suppose it all works out. There are a few photos from before 2008. It’s not as though I never took pictures, just not so many and few of faces. I hope you enjoy today’s faces. I liked (and in some cases currently like) working with these people.

Sharon @ work
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Face - smiling woman with a necklace