Not the camera of my dreams but still a dreamy camera

For a while I resisted the move to HD video. Most of the stuff I’ve been doing has been talking head videos for the Web. How much could HD matter? In general, I tend to think that it’s distracting and a waste of time and effort to shoot most of that stuff in HD.

Last week though I had the opportunity to shoot the Tesla Roadster Sport as part of a project I’m doing for an online motorsport community – MMR. In that situation HD made more sense to me. I was planning on borrowing a camera from my pal Matt but I wasn’t able to reach him. With time running out I bit the bullet and decided to buy a camera.

Now I knew exactly what camera I wanted – a Canon Vixia HF S100; but the deck was stacked against me . . . I needed the camera the next day. I also needed to buy it on credit – preferably without any interest for a while (I’ve been out of work for seven months now . . .). That limited my choices to BestBuy, BestBuy or BestBuy.

So I went to BestBuy.

First though I went to to see what they were selling. Unfortunately, they weren’t selling the S100. Of the available models I went with the Canon Vixia HF M30.

So far I’m happy with it. I shot with it a few times and have been happy with the experience. I like the touchscreen controls a lot. I have a Canon ZR 950 SD camera and find the joystick control a little clunky. The touchscreen works much better for me. I also like the size. I can easily put the camera in my pocket and go out and about. Another thing that’s cool is the ability to span storage. The camera came with 8GB of internal memory and I added another eight. If it runs out of storage on one it switches seamlessly to the other. That’s pretty nifty.

There are a couple of things I don’t like about it. One is the battery life. It sucks. Fully charged I’m lucky to get 100 minutes. Even a smidgen more – two hours – would be great. I’d read a couple of reviews of a number of Canon cameras and seen people complaining about the noise of the lens cover when closed. “What a bunch of babies,” I thought. But you know what, it is disconcerting to hear the thing rattling around.

Another problem I had was with the AV out jack. I plugged in a set of headphones and was greeted by some terrible noise. I got one channel of audio and one channel of REALLY LOUD STATIC. It turns out you need to specify the output device and the default *isn’t* headphones. I was afraid something was wrong with the camera and was on the verge of returning it – but then I read the manual.

I haven’t done anything with the Tesla footage (someone else will be editing that) but I did shoot a heartwarming scene the other day at the Garden in the Woods. As my family and I traipsed along its verdant trails we espied a dead mouse being eaten by two ants. A gross scene perhaps but one that came out fairly well. (Unfortunately, the embedded video isn’t in HD . . .)

The bottom line is that I’m happy with this camera. It isn’t everything I wanted but such is life. It’s better than what I had and it gives me more flexibility.