Face of the Day: 7-29

Today’s face is a man on the street.

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Last week I included the face of a woman with amazing eyebrows I’d photographed following a geocaching event. Today’s photo is a man seen the week before as Sheila and I were putting the routes together. He was sitting on a wall in front of the Landmark Center over near Fenway Park.

We stopped and talked with him for a while about what we were doing, what he was doing, the weather, nothing much. It turned out he worked at a Barnes & Noble out near where I live and I ended up bumping into him there after taking this photo. He was totally friendly. When I asked if I could tak his picture he said sure and proceeded to put on his camera face.

It’s an odd thing that so many guys want to look angry/sullen when they have their pictures taken. That wasn’t how this guy was at all when we talked. He was animated, smiling, laughing – until the camera came out. In my 1000faces project there are dozens of examples of men who switch from their normal look to something akin to this for pictures. People have suggested all different reasons for the transformation but I still don’t understand it.

Anyway, that’s today’s face. Let me know if you have ideas about “guy camera face.”

Daily Dozen – Men with buzz cuts

We’re on the verge of May here in New England. Soon the warm weather months will be upon us. Though they’re not with us long, many men will begin considering their summer hairstyles soon. To help with that process, I’ve put together a set of men with buzz cuts (it’s what I often sport during the hot and humid months). Now in putting this set together I did not include bald men or men who are almost bald and shave their heads. No, this is a set of guys who went into their barber and told them to put a number one guard on the clipper. Hope you enjoy. The summer will be here soon!

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Face - man with short hair and a big smile
Face - smiling man with short hair
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