Daily Dozen – Women in Bars

This may be a first. Yesterday I did men in bars and said I’d do women’s today and here it is! The first photo is from Austin, TX. It was the first night I went out and photographed strangers. It hadn’t been my thing before that and if people hadn’t responded well to me asking I probably wouldn’t have continued. I’m glad people were – and continue to be – open minded.

Tuesday night in Austin
Six Women in Hats
girl bites dog
Faces 800
Faces 967
Faces 904
Faces 819
Faces 196

Cool but Creepy

We did the Walk for Hunger yesterday and I somehow imagined I’d get lots of face photos. That was pretty silly of me. Walking with kids means (in our case) walking pretty slowly, urging along and being somewhat removed from the moment. I’m not saying it wasn’t fun – it totally was – but it wasn’t the 1000faces bonanza I’d been expecting.

I did manage to get a few pictures along the way though – and I like this one the best:

Reservoir Court

It’s an apartment complex on Beacon Street – just a few blocks outside of Cleveland Circle. There’s just something about it that makes it look desolate and creepy. The gray sky, the barren courtyard and the care-worn facade make it seem doleful to me. I’m sure it’s a totally nice place and that the people who live there are happy and all but that sure wasn’t the vide I got looking at it.