Face of the Day – 8.1

Today’s face is a magician’s assistant.

Faces 258

At least that’s what I was told. This picture was taken in Beverly five years ago. At the time I was with Weber Shandwick and we were doing some work with GM. The program was intended to introduce people to GM cars in unexpected venues. We had a fleet of cars – a little Saturn convertible, a hybrid Suburban, a really fun Cadillac, a Buick – I can’t remember them all now and would take them to different events in eastern Massachusetts.

We went to the Bolton Fair, Newbury Street, the big milk bottle by the Children’s Museum, a BC football game, all over. It was a lot of fun and people seemed to enjoy checking out the cars. One of the events was a Lobster Festival in Beverly. It was a raw and rainy day. We had two cars with us – a Saturn and a Suburban – and set them up as best we could at the edge of a muddy field.

I don’t recall if the magician was with us or just happened to be nearby. In either case, he was a friendly fellow whose act (at least what I remember of it) was mostly making balloon animals. This woman was with him and was doing face painting.

Because the weather was lousy and the crowds thin, we all ended up talking – the Weber team and the magician and his assistant. It turned out that she was either a relative or a friend of a relative and had come from Russia. Her role and her relationship with the magician was kind of unclear. She was friendly though, and pretty, and her pink hat was a bit of bright color on a drab midsummer day.

Daily Dozen – People in, on and around cars

Today I got into a car accident. Don’t worry, I’m fine; but my car (which looks OK) is going to need some work. The crash meant that I ran really late today and didn’t have a chance to do the Daily Dozen first thing this morning. Now that I’m sitting down to do it, people and cars seemed to be a natural set. Here are a few photos of people in and around vehicles – and one photo of a car with a face. Enjoy!

People Together
Taxi - LA
A man, his car and a trophy
Faces 257
Faces 37
People Together
Faces 598
A woman and her car
Faces 258
Faces 438

Daily Dozen – A Few Favorite Female Faces #1

Most days I try to be totally objective with the Daily Dozen: women wearing red or men outdoors in the daylight or people singing. Today I had another totally objective set in mind. It was going to feature men wearing really worn hats. I couldn’t find 12 though so had to shelve the idea. While I was looking I decided to throw objectivity to the wind and select photographs to 12 women that I liked. I don’t know any of the women in these pictures, I decided that if they were of people I knew it might influence how I felt about them. I also decided to limit my pool to the first 1000faces. Frankly, the early photographs in the project aren’t that good in some respects. I love them but I was just getting started.

One of the things that always amazes me about this project is how often I misjudge what people will like. What I mean is this: Often I’ll take and process a photo and think to myself, “wow, this one is great, people are going to love it” but then when I post it will get very few views. Other times I’ll take a photo and not really give it much thought and it will turn out to be super popular. Today, you can see some of the photos that I like. I don’t know what I like about any of these pictures but I do. Maybe you will too.

Faces 966
Faces 981
faces 915
Faces 843
Faces 446
Faces 800
Faces 735
Faces 727
Faces 706
Faces 258
Faces 674
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