This blog is the most recent incarnation of “Over the River.”

I’m a vice president at InkHouse Media & Marketing where I’m focused on social/digital media (this blog, however, is fully my own and represents my personal views and opinions), am affiliated with the MIT Communications Forum.

The content has changed here over the years. When I started it was mostly about technology, communities, privacy, etc. Over time it has tended to move more toward the photography project – 1000faces – that is so near and dear to me. Technology still gets mixed in but mostly I share photographs of people and the stories behind them.

You can reach me at gpcATpevcoDOTnet, follow me on twitter @gregpc, see my photos on flickr and connect with me on LinkedIn. And I hope you will!

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Greg,

    I recently found your blog via a mailout from David Beisel (Web Innovators Group) and also a recent piece you did on the Harvard Club Second Life shin dig. I’m an Apple Inc. alumnus and Silicon Valley vet (3D graphics, virtual worlds is my thing) now residing in dear ole Lexington, MA. I like the way your brain sounds on your blog and was wondering if you’d be interested in grabbing a coffee sometime. I’m new to the area and you sound like someone I’d like to connect with.

    Doug Turner

  2. Aloha Mister Greg!
    Thank you for your time, watching a few posts about H.Beach. I was last summer there.

    I would like to write you, that i’ve been impressed about the idea of “1000 faces”, and how you combined the colors, people, hair and so on, not just only shooting regular photos with no theme. Very nice!!! And in general I’m gonna follow your blog 🙂

    • What brought you from Moldova to Hampton Beach? In terms of what I shoot, I usually do shoot regular photos with no special theme in mind in the moment. It’s often at an event or a conference or a concert or something. The Daily Dozen sets give me an opportunity to go back into my photos and try to find a theme that can unite at least 12 of them. I’m glas you like the overall project.

      • work & travel – students stuff…but i stayed there only for 2 weeks and a half, cause it’s been cold and i decided to move back to SC – Myrtle Beach 🙂

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