The top 10 faces

It’s been just about six years since I started my 1000faces project. The first photo that I count was this one taken in Austin, TX back on March 5, 2008. I don’t know who she is but it was her 21st birthday.

Faces 14

I’ve now photographed almost 4,000 faces and for some reason they’ve been getting more attention lately. Since my Flickr account hit 2M views today I decided to share the 10 ten faces (based on views), so here they are:

Face - a woman with red lips and a red headband.
I photographed this woman with red lipstick and a red headband on the street in Montreal.

Face - smiling man with white hair, beard and glasses
This is a professor at MIT that I photographed in the basement of the old Media Lab.

This is one of my colleagues at InkHouse, outside our old office on Crescent Street in Waltham.

Faces 2
Here’s my wonderful wife Wendy.

Another colleague outside our Crescent Street office.

Face - smiling woman with long hair and glasses
A couple of years ago I photographed MIT’s emTech conference and took this one.

This is Omar Tawakol of BlueKai, taken at Craft in New York.

This is another colleague out on the streets in New York very late one night.

This was taken late one night (or early one morning) in a bar in New York.

Also in a bar, in New York – but not so late.

While I like some of these pictures, they probably wouldn’t me on my top 10 list, but these are the faces that have had the most views. Can’t explain it, not sure what to make of it but it is what it is.

4 thoughts on “The top 10 faces

    • Sadly, I have not. Nor have I ever even exhibited them. It’s something I would love to do at some point but I have no knowledge of how to go about doing such a thing.

      • Magnus Aronson-Aminoff says:

        I’m only asking because I’ve seen the picture of the “colleague at InkHouse” used as a profile pic on a social website. Of course, it could be the girl in question! Or, someone has abused your work…

      • Some time ago someone asked if they could use my images for a project they were working on. It wasn’t meant to be for commercial use but somehow some of the images were used that way. I’ve since spoken to them about removing my images and contacting any sites using them. They agreed to do that.

        It is quite possible that it was being used by the person whose photo it is. Quite a few of the people I’ve photographed over the years have used my pictures as their profiles.

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