Face of the day – 8.2

Today’s face is my barber, Italo DeMasi.

Face - Barber

I think there are three barber shops in Natick Center, two at least. When we first moved to town 15 years ago I went to Sportsman’s. It was a good place, three or four chairs, very mellow. Pennants hung from the ceiling, along walls covered with photos and clippings. Then the owner retired and the guy who cut my hair died. Apparently the shop was already in the process of being sold and it was changing, getting cleaned up and took on a different look and feel. It was time for me to move on.

At the time I was working in Kendall Square and found that one of my old barbers was working there so my problem was solved. But things get busy during the day and it can be hard sometimes to find the time. So I went when I could but still needed a place near home.

Bruno’s is where I went. The shop has been open since 1959. When I started going, Bruno was still working there. He’s since retired, but his brother Italo runs things now. Italo is my next door neighbor’s uncle, plays the accordion and clarinet and is a great booster for the town. Even if I don’t sit in his chair, it’s always good to catch up.

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