Face of the Day: 7.23

Today’s face is the trivial guy at The Sycamore in San Francisco.


Back in 1989 Wendy and I left Boston and drove across the country to San Francisco. We rented a big truck and had a ball stopping here and there along the way. When we got to San Francisco and were driving down Mission Street, we wondered what life would be like and thought about what we’d left behind. When we turned onto Sycamore Street and found a place to park we were greeted by a syringe on the steps of the building we’d be living in with our friends Jess and Bill.

It might not have been an auspicious start but it was the beginning of on of the most wonderful times in our life together. We stayed in SF from 89 to 95 and so much happened in those years. Some really great and some very hard. Such is life.

Every now and then I go to SF on business and in May of 2012 I found myself back in the Mission for dinner with a client. When dinner was over I went for a drink with one of my clients. Earlier that day I’d walked around the neighborhood and had stopped in at The Sycamore for a beer, so suggested we go there.

When we got to the bar it was trivia night and the fellow above was the host. We stuck around and played a bit (I’m pretty good at trivia) and when the night was over I talked with him for a while and got his picture. It was fun.

Walking past my old apartment (where we’d lived for only a few weeks before moving to Church Street) and back to my hotel I wondered what life would be like if we’d never left back in 95. I miss those times. Less for the time and place though than for that time in my life with Wendy. I can’t say I regret moving back to Boston. The life we have here is pretty good too.

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