Face of the Day – 7.19

Today’s face is Ben Forest.


I’ve known Ben for almost 10 years. Maybe it will be nine this August. We only see each other one week a year, at a family camp on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Ten years ago Wendy and I were going to take the kids on vacation up in New Hampshire. We thought we’d arranged to stay at an AMC place but a week before we were planning to go we got an email saying we were actually on a waiting list (but quite near the top) and that if we didn’t make it that year we’d certainly make it the next. For us that wasn’t going to work so we frantically began looking for alternatives.

In no time we’d come across this family camp. We emailed and heard back that same night. It turned out it was a YMCA camp that during the last week of August – after the last of the kid campers had left – opened up for families while the staff closed things up. The first year we went (the second they offered the camp) there were only a few families. It was a total deal though, $600 I think for the four of us for a week. We had a great time and decided to go again.

I think it was during our second year that Ben and his family came. Their kids are about the same age as ours and we had fun all together. Ben spends most of his time at the camp walking around taking photos and videos. Everyone knows him and he knows everyone’s stories. We’ll be heading up there again this year, in just about a month, and I’m looking forward to it; and to seeing Ben and all the other families that have been coming for so many years.


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