Random Face of the Day

I feel bad that I don’t remember this person’s name. With a few well sent emails I could get it but that would take time, and frankly a name isn’t that germaine to the post.

Face - smiling woman with purple light in her eyes

I took this photo almost two years ago at a party at party for my brother-in-law James and his girlfriend Chesley. This woman was my other brother-in-law Bill’s date. Let’s see what I can remember about her . . . I know she lives in Massachusetts, west of 495 I’m pretty sure. She has horses. And kids. I don’t remember how many of either though.

We chatted for a while that night, about what I couldn’t tell you. It was pretty late – or at least I’d been at the party for a while – by this point. She was certainly pleasant enough but didn’t leave a terribly deep impression on me at the time.

Obviously the relationship with her and Bill didn’t last or I’d know a lot more about her. Bill has had some pretty memorable girlfriends in the years I’ve known him. Betty, whose friend Esther made Wendy’s wedding dress; and Gosia, who I see from time to time at events around Cambridge.

Well, that’s today’s face and a few thoughts associated with it. This is much more manageable than when I was trying to do a dozen faces per day. That was just crazy.

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