Random Face of the Day

I won’t bore you with my approach to randomization (it involves closing my eyes and clicking) but will just give you the results.


This is my sister-in-law Sidney. I took it in May of 2009. It was taken out on my deck, no doubt for a party of some sort. I’ve known Sid since 1985, which is pretty hard to believe. Since I’ve known her since I was in my teens she’s really more of a sibling than an in-law. Over the years we’ve had all kinds of fun.

My favorite time with Sid was a trip we took through the west. She was looking for a school for her son so we met at Salt Lake City and drove up through Wyoming and Idaho up into Montana.

For the past few years Sid lived right down the street from Wendy and me. That was really good too. She would watch our kids one night a week, which went on for years. The kids loved it and it allowed Wendy and me to go out and have fun. It’s something we really valued.

Unfortunately, the economy being what it is, Sid recently moved out to Nebraska for work. It’s been a strange change for all of us – her and her boyfriend in particular. Hopefully she’ll be able to come back east in the not too distant future.

Stay-tuned for a new face tomorrow.


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