Favorite Faces

Some time ago I tried doing a “Daily Dozen” of themed face photographs from my 1000faces project. It was a fine idea but it was incredibly labor intensive, taking well over an hour every day. After a few months I started slipping and just had to abandon the series. It’s too bad because it was a lot of fun. What I’ve decided to do now – since I’m still photographing faces and want to share them – is to do occasional posts of some of my favorite faces.


This is my wife Wendy. I’m so happy to have her in my life. I took this at a restaurant in Ossipee, New Hampshire. Our kids were in camp so the two of us were able to get away for a week. We went up to Portland (which was great) and then drove to New Hampshire. The morning after this was taken we went and picked up our daughter and then our son. We’re really lucky to be able to get away – whether it’s been Portland, Montreal, New York or wherever. I’m a huge fan of Wendy’s hair, eyes and smile.


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