Oh my Nexus gone away!

Last Thursday was the last time my Nexus 7 worked. It was fine on Wednesday night. When I went to use it the next morning though it was super slow. I restarted it to see if that would improve the situation. It didn’t. In fact, it made things worse. The device wouldn’t turn on at all. I searched high and low for details on the problem and potential solutions but nothing worked. Not holding the power button for >30 seconds. Not holding the power plus volume. Not plugging it in to the wall or into a computer. No dice.

I got in touch with Asus for help. They walked me through the things I’d already done. They told me I would need to send it in. They told me I should back it up first. (I pointed out that were I able to turn it on I would . . .) The timing is a drag. On Sunday morning I’m flying to London and had been thinking how handy it would be to have my Nexus with me. Instead it will be flying to Texas, hopefully to be repaired and returned to me as quickly as possible.

It’s funny how quickly something can become integral. I managed to survive 558 months without a tablet and now that it’s missing I’m bummed out. I guess I can make it a few weeks until it’s back.