WebInnoMobile – the Day After

WebInnoMobile is one for the books and it sure was fun. I think my preview was pretty spot on.

Of the Main Dish companies, Mobee was my favorite. It’s a cool idea and I can see it making money. Basically, it allows businesses (quick serve restaurants to begin) in Boston (expanding to other cities in 2013) to have their customers report on very specific elements of their in-store experience. Things like speed of service, friendliness of greeting, general upkeep of the store, etc.

Responding to the questions takes just a minute and is done from an iPhone app. You do need to photograph your receipt in some cases (some of the “missions” require a purchase – others do not). As points are earned and saved they can be used to purchase giftcards, tickets and other items. It’s solid.

Directr was great too. It was my choice going in. The quality of the videos they allow people to make is high and the process that guides people to make them is brilliant. Some of the things I wondered about (audio, control) will be addressed in future versions.

Their demo was the best of the night. They created a quick video of themselves prepping – even including the start of their onstage demo – and had a turkey wheeled out on stage as they explained how the app works. It was well done and earned them the audience choice for the night. The business model is a little less clear but one can imagine how they’ll make money.

I can’t say the same for FanCred. I was a little unclear on the concept before the demo. Afterward I was really unclear. Maybe it’s because I’m not a super sports fan but the ability to judge the credibility of other fans isn’t that important to me. There are just so many sources for sports news and opinion that I kinda feel like I can get by on my own. Likewise it’s not that important to my identity to be viewed as really credible about the teams I follow. Again, it may be that this is important for more rabid fans but not for me.

All-in-all, it was a good evening. I wasn’t in as awesome a mood as I wish I’d been in but such is life. I had a beer, chatted with some friends, checked out some cool technology and took some photos. Can’t really complain.


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