Daily Dozen – Back to School

August is a tough month. It certainly is as far as posting photos goes. Every year I see a big dip in my photographic productivity in August. Part of it is that I’m on vacation and even though I take pictures I don’t do a great job of processing and posting them. That trend continued in 2012. But summer is over and it’s time for everyone to buckle down and get serious again. That’s why today’s theme is back to school.

As a rule, I don’t photograph kids (I do, but I don’t post them any where) so it’s harder to say who’s a student. Thankfully, since I talk a bit with everyone whose picture I take, I know that all the faces in today’s set are students (or at least were when I took their photograph). Obviously none of them are on their way to middle school – over even high school. These students are mostly in grad school but it still counts!

Face - smiling man with glasses at the MIT Media Lab
Faces - Aimee Harrison reading
Faces - Alvin Mwijuka reading at #unbound
Faces 906
Faces 455
Faces 404

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