Daily Dozen – Goin’ to the Chapel

Every day there are between four and five thousand weddings in the United States. I’ve seen number saying more than six thousand in some places. Tomorrow my friend Abby is getting married. Originally today’s set was going to feature women with long wavy hair (which I’ll do on Monday I guess) but as I tagged photos I came across Abby’s photos a few times and thought, “oh yeah, she’s getting married tomorrow, I’ll do a set!” And so that’s what I did.

I met Abby almost exactly four years ago (July 30, 2008 – I know because I took her picture). Her then roommate Karyn (maybe they weren’t roommates at the time, probably not actually) became one of my truest pals so I’ve seen Abby here and there frequently over the past few years. Less, I guess since Karyn moved to Nebraska. Anyhow, like I was saying, lots of people get married and now it’s Abby’s turn. Fred’s the guy she’s marrying and he’s cool too. Here’s wishing them good fortune and a long and happy life together!

Faces 224
People Together
Faces 276
Faces 274
People Together
Boneoke - 8/6

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