Daily Dozen – Four Years Ago Today

I started photographing people on and off in early 2008. It didn’t start in earnest until July 20. It was four years ago today that I really get the 1000faces project rolling. I was at PodCamp in Boston and feeling kind of bored. The idea popped into my head to try to photograph everyone at the event and I went to work. I didn’t get everyone over the course of those two days but I got a lot of people. When I saw all the faces together I was struck by how cool everyone looked together. That really cemented the idea to amass photos of faces. When I look at these early photos they’re not very good. Over time I’ve gotten better at it and have refined the way I approach people and process the images. I’ve also changed gear over the years as well. Still though, it’s nice to see where things started. Enjoy.

Faces 58
Faces 63
Faces 77
Faces 87
Faces 101
faces 107
Faces 117
Faces 131
Faces 129
Faces 150
Faces 151
Faces 149

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