Daily Dozen – Women with Dangling Earrings

Last week I was on vacation. Apparently I took it pretty seriously since not only did I not work but I also took a break from posting Daily Dozen sets. Sure, I posted a couple but by the middle of the week I decided to take it easy. It wasn’t a hard decision. Vacation is over now though and the Daily Dozens are back. Today’s set features women with dangling earrings. There were a lot of photos to look through to put this one together – and they had to be looked at pretty closely to determine just what type of earrings were being worn. Within the dangling category (third in popularity after studs and hoops) there are a number of variations: giant contraptions that hang along the neck, small beads, shapes, etc. I tried to grab a couple of examples of each. Hope you enjoy them!

Faces 997
Face - fun woman posing for the camera
Faces 371
Faces - @farrell_sophia of the @getprivy team
Faces 343

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