Daily Dozen – Men with Musical Instruments

It’s a really rainy day here in New York and I’ve been super busy. Lots of walking in the rain. I don’t mind until I sit down somewhere and realize how wet and tired I am. That’s where I’m at now. Wet and tired. I’m having a warm bowl of squash soup though and that’s helping.

But you don’t care about all of that, you want some photos and I have them. I was looking at photos this morning wondering what set to do. What I’ve gone with is men with musical instruments. At first I was thinking about men with any kind of object in their hands but that got too hard given my time constraints. Instruments proved to be way easier and I’m all about the easy!

With the warmth spreading through me, it’s time to post!

Stephen Marley Plays Guitar
Jonathan Richman
Ray Neades Tribute
Tunes Playing Sax
Big Green Eight-String Bass
Matt Searles plays guitar
GregPC (that's me) plays fiddle
Ray Neades Tribute

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