Daily Dozen – Women with Short Dark Hair in Cambridge

It’s been six months since I started doing these Daily Dozen sets consistently. Sure, I’ve missed a day or two here or there but for the most part, every day between Monday and Friday has seen some new categorization of people. One thing I’ve learned is that what seemed specific in the past can become really general in retrospect. The set of women with short hair is a good example. It seemed pretty focused at the time but what counts as short? Why not look at different color hair in different styles? What about time of day? Time of year? Etc.

Live and learn I suppose.

Today’s set features 12 women with short dark hair. I haven’t looked at the month or time these photos were taken but I have limited them to Cambridge. It’s pretty narrow, which gives me much more flexibility over time. I hope you’ll enjoy the set.

Faces - Aimee Harrison reading
emtech MIT 2011-24
Faces 784
Faces 477

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