Daily Dozen – Guys with Goatees

When I did that sculpted set the other day I looked at all my sets to see what other facial hair sets I might have done in the past. I assumed I’d done goatees because it’s the most common facial hair out there. It turns out it’s the ONLY facial hair that I haven’t included in a Daily Dozen. So strange. Today’s set remedies the situation. It’s only 12 photographs but trust me, I could probably do 120 without blinking an eye. In today’s set I’ve tried to capture the classic goatee (which technically doesn’t include a mustache) as well as the far more common goatee and mustache combo. If there are other really obvious sets I’ve missed let me know!

Face - smiling man with a goatee
Faces 568
Faces 562
Faces 973
People Together
Jonathan Richman
Face - smiling man with goatee
Face - @gregpc - hey, that's MY awesome face!
Face - man with a goatee, glasses and a hat

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