Daily Dozen – Women in Glasses

I’ve posted glasses sets in the past. One featured rectangular glasses, another sunglasses (two sets actually – here’s the second) and one of rimless glasses. None of those sets were gender-specific. Today’s obviously is. While black rectangular glasses are the most common, I’ve tried to find pairs that stood out in some way, either non-rectangular or more colorful or with broad arms, etc. It’s interesting that the range of eyewear for both women and men is so narrow. Interesting and too bad. Glasses can be a great accessory but there’s just not very much interesting that I can see (no pun intended). Of course I’m one to talk since I wear black rectangles myself . . .

Face - smiling woman with round glasses
Face - smiling woman with dimples and glasses
Face - smiling Sam with checkerboard glasses on her birthday
Faces 392
Faces 201
Faces 402

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