Daily Dozen – Men Listening

Think of what people’s faces can show – looking, listening, speaking, engaging, reflecting, expressing emotions (there’s a whole range of those, from joy to dispair) and how different they all look. As I started looking at photos and thinking about today’s set I was struck by the look of people (and specifically men) as they listen. The photos below show men listening in a particular situation – when they are speakers. Look at how engaged they are with what they are hearing. In this situation they’re listening to questions to which they’ll soon need to respond. They’re listening intently – but also, one imagines – thinking of their response and trying to understand how the question or comment fits into the context of the subject at hand. They’re not simply passively hearing the words but listening closely and processing what is being said.

Faces - Bob Stein
Face - Jay Rosen
Face - man in glasses
Face - William Uricchio speaking at #FoE5
Faces 6


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