Daily Dozen – Brush Back!

Recently I noticed my hairline was starting to recede. Not in the middle but at my temples. Long ago I’d decided that if I were to go bald I’d shave my head. Given how little hair was involved (most people wouldn’t realize anything was even going on) that seemed a little draconian. When I asked my barber for some ideas he suggested I could brush it back. That didn’t seem to make much sense and when I went home and tried it my wife just laughed. It wasn’t a very good look for me. Which isn’t to say it isn’t a good look. A lot of men brush their hair back. Maybe some do it to deal with receding hairlines; but as you’ll see from the photos below, many do it just to look awesome.

Face - bearded man with a toothy smile
Face - maniacal singer
emtech MIT 2011-115
Face - smiling mat at MIT
Faces 341

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