Daily Dozen – Women with a Sparkle in their Eyes

This set is going to be a little subjective. I suppose all of them are in a way but this one more than most. That’s because the sparkle in someone’s eye is really easy to see in life but harder in a photograph. I’ve chosen many of today’s faces based on memory rather than looking at the image itself. That’s absolutely fine with me though; and since this is my project that makes it A-OK. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures and can see the sparkles. All of them are from 1000faces 3. (Speaking of which, I am only 15 photographs away from 3000 and starting the next set!)

Face - a smiling woman with a pierced nose and bright eyes
Face - my sweet and smiling wife Wendy
Face - smiling woman with blue eyes
Face - pretty woman with great green eyes
Face - Nancy Baym (@nancybaym) at #FoE5
Face - Nadia smiling on her birthday
Face - woman with two nose studs and a pretty smile

2 thoughts on “Daily Dozen – Women with a Sparkle in their Eyes

    • It’s true. A few years ago I started a project on Flickr to try to get people to post photos from all over the world to show how similar we are. It was before I started photographing faces the way I do now. But what you say is true, the smile is a universal – and wonderful – element of being human.

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