Daily Dozen – Womanicure

When I was putting together a set the other day I noticed one of the women in it had fantastic colored nails. So today I’ve decided to focus on nails. Specifically on women with painted nails. I’ve often wondered why colored nails aren’t called womanicures rather than manicures. It’s certainly mostly women who have them. Silly I know.

Here are 12 women with painted nails and a bonus set of just nails. Hope you enjoy!

Face - woman explaining technology
Face - swooning fan
Face - Melissa Anelli (@melissaanelli) at #FoE5
Face - Patricia Zimmermann at #FoE5
Face - Sheila Seles at #FoE5
Faces 906
Faces 4
Face - Sarah Banet-Weiser speaking at #FoE5


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