Daily Dozen – Gents sporting the layered look

We got fooled up here in New England. Mid-March and the mercury hit the mid-80s. Summer was in the air, people were heading to the beach and it was as if we’d got from a mild winter straight into the dog days of August. Not so fast though – a week later and the temperature had dropped by 50 degrees. We’re back in to nights of frost. Brrrr.

It’s this variability that leads to taking a layered approach to dressing. Now I think men should always wear a t-shirt if they’re wearing a button-down shirt but today’s photos are of men who have made their layers a little more than that. Their underlayers are either in a contrasting color or being worn beneath an open shirt. These fellows have made their layers part of their look rather than just a functional element of their outfits. They help keep them warm while allowing them to remove layers to keep pace with our whacky weather.

Face - @j_peden, CEO of Crave Labs
Faces 973
Faces 969
Faces 901
Faces 737
Faces 350


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