Daily Dozen – Whatever you do, do NOT make eye contact

Sometimes people ask me how I take my pictures. The process is very direct and simple. I walk up to a person and say something clever like, “Hi, excuse me, can I take your picture?” More often than not everyone says sure. When I actually take their pictures there’s no mistaking what I’m doing. I am typically only a few feet from whoever’s photography I’m taking. The result is usually a picture of someone staring directly into the lens. I think it’s cool.

As I reviewed images for today’s set I noticed a few guys who don’t look into the lens. They glanced up or down or right or left. It was almost as if they were trying to avoid looking at me. That’s not easy given how in-their-face I am. Sometimes the men are genuinely distracted, other times they’re trying to give me their “good side” and in others they think it’s a good pose. To each their own. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

faces 909
Faces 842
Faces 334
Faces 558
Faces 793


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