Daily Dozen – Cleft Chin Men

I have a lot to learn about recognizing subtle differences in people’s faces. I’ve heard people talk about how similar all faces are: two eyes, a nose and a mouth framed by hair on the top and outlined by the chin and jaw below. But come on, within each of these elements there are countless variations – and that’s to say nothing of ears, cheekbones or facial hair! Today I was going to do a set of similarly-shaped faces but came across one of a man with a cleft chin and decided to go in a different direction.

Some of the men in these pictures have really pronounced clefts while others have dimples or just a shade of an indent. I don’t know how one defines a cleft but in my book these all count.

Face - man with glasses in jacket and tie
Faces 172
Faces 518
Face - man with sideburns and shadow
Face - smiling man with glasses
Faces  467


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