Daily Dozen – Righteous Women

Today’s set was going to be 12 men wearing necklaces to compliment last week’s set of women wearing the same. Unfortunately, after looking at a few thousand images I only found eight. That stinks. It meant I had to fall back to something safer and easier given my time constraints. What I ended up with is a set of 12 women taken from the right. To make it slightly more challenging for myself (and to allow me to do the set again in the future) I limited myself to 1000faces 3. There were way more than enough.

Sometimes when I’m photographing people they ask me to take their “good side” but I never understand. I mean unless there’s some weird growth or deformity on one side of a person’s face they’re both “good sides” to me. In some of these cases I was forced to shoot from the right, in others the women might naturally turn to the right and in a few (and I couldn’t say which) I was asked to take it from the right.

Regardless of which side they’re taken from, I think people’s faces are fantastic and hope you do too.

Face - woman with a great smile
Face - Nadia smiling on her birthday
Face - smiling woman in a long hallway
Face - woman with bright eyes and a beautiful smile
Face - nice looking woman with glasses

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