Daily Dozen – A Bunch a Durn Hippies I Tell Ya

Let me preface today’s set by saying I am happy to be a guy. It’s great. But when it comes to how interesting people look, women have it all over men. They just have so many more options – hair can be long, medium or short; it can be dyed, bleached or natural; it can be curled, straightened or waved – and then there’s makeup and piercings. Guys can do all of those things too – and many do – but with less latitude. Mostly it’s facial hair: beard, mustache goatee; and head hair: balding/buzz, neat or long.

Today’s set is the opposite of last week’s women with short hair and features men who keep their locks long. I’ve referred to them as “hippies” in the title but clearly that’s not the case for everyone pictured. Men have come up with interesting ways to grow their hair that does look stylish without necessarily looking unkempt. Here are 12 men with different interpretations of long hair.

Faces 950
Faces 890
Faces 746
emtech MIT 2011-151
Faces 717
Faces 385
Faces 341
Faces 322


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