Daily Dozen – Women with Short Hair

When I think about a day’s set, I usually start by opening either 1000faces 1, 1000faces 2 or 1000faces 3 to see what my eyes fall on first or what strikes me and go from there. It’s the way I pick items off a menu as well. Unless the first thing I see is patently offensive in some way I order it – and I’m rarely disappointed.

Today the first photo I saw (and the first in this set) was a woman I know with short hair so that became the set. As I looked at photos though it became clear that “short” is hard to define for hair. Sometimes it’s easy but what’s the boundary between “short” and “medium?” The other challenge was that because so many of my pictures (especially the older ones) are in dark environments, it’s hard to say how long someone’s hair might be.

Thankfully, no challenge is insurmountable and I was able to find way more than 12 photos that fit today’s bill. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Faces 966
Faces 552
Faces 757
Faces 392
Face - smiling woman at emtech MIT

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