Daily Dozen – Wise, Wonderful and White-Haired – It’s the Way of the World

I’m hitting middle age (or maybe it’s hitting me?) and so I’ve been thinking about age lately. One can go at any point I suppose so I’m thankful for where I am and what I have; but the other day I realized I’m closer to 60 than 30 and it was a little sobering. As is often the case, I took solace in the example of others. I thought of the many older men I know who or have met who are inspiring or interesting or just a pleasure to be around. Instead of wallowing in maudlin emotion I put together a set of older men to share with everyone.

Now lest anyone pictured here take exception, notice I didn’t refer to you as *old* men, but *older*, since everyone one here is older than me.

Face - my father
Face - William Uricchio speaking at #FoE5
Faces 476
Face - Smiling man at the Waltham Watch Factory
Face - Henry Jenkins at #FoE5
emtech MIT 2011-115
Face - smiling man with white hair, beard and glasses
Face - bearded man with hat and sunglasses


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